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Mathematics Prep


This is the second section of the ACT test. It consists of 60 questions completed in 60 minutes. These 60 questions are five-choice questions covering six areas of math. Most concepts are covered in school by the end of the 11th grade year. Within the math section, there are 14 pre-algebra questions, 10 elementary algebra questions, 9 intermediate algebra questions, 9 coordinate geometry questions, 14 plane geometry questions and 4 trigonometry questions. All questions allow the use of a calculator. Either scientific or graphing calculator is allowed but only one calculator may be used.
Our preparers concentrate on content as well as strategies. We have a proprietary strategy to help students take the ACT math section.


The mathematics section of the SAT is the 3rd and 4th section of the test. The third section (first math section) consists of 15 four-choice questions and 5 student-produced response questions to be completed in 25 minutes without the use of a calculator. The fourth section (second math section) consists of 30 four-choice questions and 8 student-produced response questions (one of which is an extending thinking question that will relate two or more questions together) to be completed in 55 minutes and assumes the use of a calculator. Both mathematics sections allow the use of limited reference information provided within the test.
There are three main categories of mathematics tested on the SAT: Heart of Algebra (linear equations, inequalities, functions and graphs); Passport to Advanced Math (non-linear expressions including quadratic and exponential equations); Problem Solving and Data Analysis (rates, ratios, percentages, data from graphs and tables). There are also “Additional Topics” that include geometry, trigonometry and complex numbers.

Our preparers focus on preparing students through work with content as well as test strategies.